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Privacy Policy

London Metals is committed to the privacy of internet users and responsible management of information.

User Information

Site Visitors

London Metals Ltd does not collect any personal information of site visitors, such as name and address.

Contact Us

Information submitted via our “contact us form” is used solely to answer client enquires.

Non Personal Information

London Metals does obtain non-personally identifiable information such as region and Internet Service Provider. This information is used to analyse the usage of our web site.

Third Parties

Information collected by London Metals is not shared with any third parties.


London Metals Ltd does not use cookies in its website, however an explanation of cookies and their use can be found below.

Cookies used on our website:


Session cookies are required to control the appearance of pages and enabling the user to navigate around the site. This cookie is deleted when the user leaves the website.


Persistent cookies expire within a specified time (if the website is not visited again within that time the cookies will automatically expire).