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Environmental Policy

London Metals Ltd is an international trader in non-ferrous secondary metals for recycling and in ferro-alloys and inorganic chemicals.

London Metals Ltd is committed to the protection of the environment including prevention of pollution and compliance with all international, national and local environmental legal obligations applicable to its trading and distributions operations.

In order to provide and maintain environmental management, London Metals Ltd has established, implemented and maintained an effective environmental management system to ensure proper operational control, processes and procedures and fulfil its compliance obligations.

London Metals Ltd aims to fulfil these policy obligations by:

  • Conducting its trading and distribution activities in an ethical and responsible manner
  • Leadership, commitment and support to ensure the effectiveness of the environmental management system including establishing and reviewing environmental objectives
  • Being committed to continual improvement of our ISO 14001 environmental management system and to enhance environmental performance by measurement, audit and review
  • Engage our employees to meet environmental requirements through environmental awareness, knowledge and experience
  • To implement our environmental policy through guidance and training
  • Managing our environmental aspects and impacts by considering life cycle perspective
  • Promote an equivalent approach with our customers, suppliers, sub-contractors and any interested party to improve environmental management through open communication and awareness about environmental matters